Sunday, September 12, 2010

Now I lay me down to sleep..

As I urged my daughter to say her prayers last night, I began to think about my own prayer.. or lack of praying.. and my stream of consciousness began to flow like dirty orange iron water ... the bitter truth began to resonate with me.. and it hurt...  it hurt like hell...

Why is it so hard to be a Christian.. ? Why do I treat God like a First Aid box that hides beneath my bathroom sink and is only pulled out during an Emergency?  Why can I read my romance novels yet find no time to cleanse myself with God's amazing word... ?Why can I hit every ball game but not every service..? Why can I listen to trash on the radio but not the music that can uplift my soul? Why do I doubt? Why do I even questions existence?  Why do I place God on the back burner until I become hungry for something more than sin for simply a season.. ? Why do I  stay luke warm.. .? Why don't I change and be on fire...? Why am I afraid to cross the line...? Why cant I pick up the cross and follow him..? Why must I drop it down and then pick it up at my connivence..? Why do I forget to pray ..? He doesn't forget to let me breathe.. exist- fill my life full of blessings .. yet I forget him .. he forgives me and I forget him..

Food for thought .. or more like food poisoning .. Have a Happy Sunday

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