Saturday, September 11, 2010

Delighting Myself Through a Draft ..

Sample drafts of my writing from the conference... 

*How I managed to graduate from MSU without having the pleasure of being in the presence of Eklund's brilliance I will never understand.. All English Majors should be REQUIRED to take his class.. 

What you are about to read is what I consider and refer to as"Word Vomit"- I stole this phrase from my brilliant colleague and friend- Mandy..I will search writing to find the diamonds that sporadically appear  to create poetry or other types of writing... 


My love pours from the pen 
leaking onto the paper creating my perfect place. 

My fear dreams the unthinkable dream 
as it drinks the bittersweet cocktail we call life.

My rage consumes  my vessel, stealing away my soulful inner child. 

My sorrow told me NO. 

My grief sang a song of innocence that whispered out the stained glassed window into the wind
as it howled and echoed into the night. 

My beauty pours from fake facades and grey covered eyes. 

My love lingers in scents, silence and the taste of my neck. 

My heart desires to touch you, yet my mind begs me to refrain. 

I turn my cheek and expose myself, bare-desolate alone
touch me, taste me and tantalize me.

My sympathy compels me to do wrong. 
I'm drowning in shame that swallows me whole..

My faults become translucent to the world.
My loneliness steals my secrets from my mind ..trying to find a friend.

My dreams play tricks, my illusions find flaws.

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