Friday, October 15, 2010


I love her despite her faults that caused my afflictions ..

I hate her because of lies, excuses and her pathetic  addictions 

She’s a bad song that keeps reoccurring in my head 
a bitter taste on my tongue, all the words we never said.  
I forgive her effortlessly, weighing all options, offering help prayers and tears. 

Yet I refuse to answer the phone, its been too many years ...

Although there are 540,000 words in the English Language nothing she could say would change my mind....

An unrelenting search for a lost soul I will never find...

I bathe you , feed you, read to you, sing to you, I wish upon a star for you... 

I smell your filth, allow you to go hungry ..and stand alone in silence, Wishing I had you  


I see your weakness 

You have caused my scars 
 I love you Mommy, 

You have gone to far....

SHe walks me to the mall 
I walk her to the clinic 

She tells me shes sorry 
Yet the sound of apathy fills within it...

Over 40 million people a year trudge the path you have chose
Yet I try to hide your sickness with creamy eyeshadow and fancy clothes. 
The truth is you died, 
A long time ago 
No perfume made could cover that well, 
As you lived your life, you created my Hell...
So quit calling my name and playing your games, 
Im out I quit -your life is full of shame 


Dont braid my hair your 10 years to late,
Dont worry about the wedding it was just another date. 
And my daughter she’s Beautiful-  Everything that you will never be 

So leave us alone and allow me to be free 

Over 17,000 people a year die from one pill to many ...
Your starving yourself of life....dwindling away, your getting to skinny..

The phone pierces in the middle of the night ...
my body immersed in sweat 
waiting for sentence, a call 
I’ll never forget 

I stumble in the madness , the keys in my hand.. 
The tears I wont cry over the times never spent playing in the sand .
The love letters you never read -ambitions left unsaid

They choke me like vines that continue to grow..

Identifying  the body of a woman I really don't know.. 


This is my sad song muse, and my slam
There has to be a solution, cant we discover a plan...
Here it is, I will lay it on the line.. 
as innocence's speak the truth one more time... 

 Drugs equal corruption and one day the’ll fall .. 

It seeks out its victims affecting us all 
In hallways and churches, back rooms and buses

Your  sister, His  brother, her dad, my 

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